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What is The Job? Let me ask you a few questions first in order to answer that. Do you feel limited within our present world? Would you like to tear into the universal fabric and enter a new, unlimited version? Is that possible? Actually, it is. Conscious creation makes it possible.

In fact, a new world of limitless possibilities is already ascending. The reason we can only get a glimpse of it now is because it is consciously pancaked right on top of our old, dark unconscious world. We are currently swimming in one, the other, or both consciousness and unconsciousness at the same time. Furthermore, as more souls awaken, these worlds tear apart.

The Job was created for this reason. The Job is to facilitate souls moving consciously from darkness into Light, from the old world into the new. In order to do this, we must first get a grip on reality.

What is reality? Reality is conscious fabric that we consciously or unconsciously, weave about ourselves. It is our sum of experiences, resultant beliefs, and chosen ways of dealing with circumstances.

That’s right, we don’t commonly realize it, but we are creating our reality by our personal way of being.  Furthermore, this reality isn’t just a metaphor regarding our way of thinking. It goes way beyond that. We actually create our external physical construct as well, because matter around us is constantly adjusting to our consciousness. This is so seamless, many don’t realize it is happening.

There is a whole scientific field dedicated to this phenomenon: quantum physics tracks the changes our perception makes upon the 3D fabric. So knowing this, why aren’t more of us consciously creating?

Truth is, common consciousness doesn’t ascend beyond the normal three dimensional picture we wake up to every morning. In 3D, a soul creates its construct, and then naturally walks in it. This begs the question: What would happen if more were to awaken and ask themselves, “Is what I am seeing, touching, and feeling changing with me and according to my expectations?”

That is exactly what is taught by the Law of Attraction, and there are many more Universal Laws like unto it.

There is so much to understand here. Beyond our common physical framework, there is a spiritual dimension to reality based on Universal Law. Here, the latent energy the Infinite Creator has stored within our soul, becomes awakened and active in changing our conscious fabric.

At this point anything is possible. However, grasping this may require changing one’s perspective significantly. Again, this is what The Job is and why it exists. It is here to facilitate souls on their journey from the limited to the unlimited, and create the New World Ascending in the process.

So  come along! Explore and develop your conscious creation potential.  Help create this! Join those that are awake and intrepid enough to pursue the New World Ascending. This is The Job.

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Reality isn’t static. We think it is, because we are making it that way.

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